Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rachels Gossip & News

Restarts! Damnit!

I always end up going shopping when my sim restarts, but today I picked up a few bargains that I thought I would share with you. 
A visit to The Dressing Room was paid and I picked up a cute tanned skin by Al Vulo for 70 linden, it included appliers for Slink hands, feet and body, Wowmeh, AMD mesh bump, tango, TMP head, Lena Body, TMP body and phat azz. So if your looking to change your look on a budget a good buy. The texture on the breast is a little stretched, but not horribly so and the face is a little light compared to the body for my taste. But it has a very cute face and overall a nice skin. 
I also picked up some nice hair from *pritty* called Lara, 199 for a pack with various shades of blonde and brunette, there was also a pastels pack too.
Lastly I found some really nice shoes by *whatever* called Beryllium, a pack of 4 for 69 linden.
Well thats my gossip for the day.

The Dressing Room
Love and Best Wishes Rachel XXX

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