Sunday, November 9, 2014

News from our designers: Nov 9th

Hello darlings!

I couldn't resist showing you two more of the movie stars from Rachel Swallows Creations.
These dresses are a little more casual, so I headed down to the Matoluta Sanctuary for
these shots. It's a lovely sim to which I find myself returning over and over again.

This is Taylor, a mesh dress with a soft romantic look, perhaps more suitable for the summer 
than this time of year, but the magic of SL makes any garment wearable all year.
And after all, for a big part of the world, it's spring now.
Taylor has appliers for Tango and comes in the lilac above, green, blue and silver.

Hepburn is a bit more, I'm not sure what word I'm looking for...
This dress makes me feel as if I should be going to charity luncheons. 
And I honestly don't know when a lunch becomes a luncheon, 
but the dress seems to call for that extra -on.
Hepburn also has appliers for Tango and comes in lemon (shown), peach, dove and coco.

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