Wednesday, September 3, 2014

All Call for Halloween BUSTed Issue !

This is one of our most FUN Issues BUT we need you to make it perfect!!
This is where you get to shoot your own and submit it to the Magazine for publication.
RULES apply ! You must be a BIG Busty female. You must at some point be topless, total nudity is optional AND NO BOY parts exposed ! That also means if you use a male in your photo he MUST be dressed at all times. Remember BUSTed is for the beautiful busty form of the female body.
This is also time sensitive !! Late submissions will not be accepted.
TP over to the new BUSTed Headquarters and grab all the info how deadline and how to submit your photos ASAP !

While you are there grab the new Free gifts available from ~RSC~
Pink Panties from every ones favorite movie!

AND the new September Issue of BUSTed!

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